Conservatorium Hotel

The former Amsterdam academy of music will be given a new life as a hotel. Located in the middle of Amsterdam’s so-called ‘Museum Quarter’ and the high streets, the ‘Stradivarius Hotel’ is intended to become the most luxurious hotel in Amsterdam. All rooms will have the sheer luxury of two bathrooms and a lounge, and the ceilings will be 4.5 metres high. A new, light construction of glass will be built and serve as the foyer, from where the wellness rooms and restaurant can be accessed.

Client: Conservatorium BV, Alrov - IQNN Project team: Kitty Luiken, Ernst-Jan Schoute, Lucien de Gier en Jan van Rooijen Completion: 2012 Photography: Amit Geron Categorie: interieur, leisure & winkelen, mixed use, transformatie