La Serre Numerique, Valenciennes

Plateau Numérique des Rives de l’Escaut. OIII designs an innovative cluster for Design and Virtual reality, Animation film and Video gaming in Northern France. Following a competition in March 2010, the multifaceted commission for the construction of a cluster dedicated to education in digital creation in the north of France was awarded to the OIII architects of the Netherlands.

The schools that are now the driving force behind the Supinfocom group were established by the principal, the Nord de France Chamber of Commerce, in the late 1980s. These schools offer training courses in the field of design, virtual reality, animation film and video gaming. The 18,800 m2 project is the first major complex to be realised on the newly developed site on the banks of the River Scheldt just outside Valenciennes, and is intended to bring together the companies and educational institutions that are involved in the domain of digital creation.

Although they are all under the same roof, the three different schools and businesses each have their own space within the complex. The large open central area that connects the different wings includes a centre for virtual reality, a 450-seat auditorium and top quality technical and research laboratories; it also provides an opportunity for students and young entrepreneurs to meet and exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise. Incorporating natural elements into the building, and opening it out into its surroundings, turns it into a connective element between the world of nature, the man-made world and the world of virtual reality. An ingenious climate and building management system ensures that a pleasant and energy-efficient climate can be maintained inside the cluster. The green courtyards and the atria play an important role in this respect.

Client: CCI Grand Hainaut Project team: Maarten Sanders, Sebastien Marty, Emile Revier, Walter Dresscher( DNADN), Anouk Dekker, Armand Paardekooper, Yves Sellam, Ernst Jan Schoute, Martin Vinkestijn, Peter Evers Completion: 2015 Photography: Thea van den Heuvel /DAPh Categorie: mixed use, education, work