In the heart of the Ypenburg Vinex residential area is Craeyenburch, a residential unit for the mentally disabled. A meeting place with a “senses” garden has been developed for residents. The greenhouses (an activity greenhouse and a “snoezel” greenhouse) are included in the plan. The existing children’s farm and riding stables have also been integrated into the renovation of the grounds. The building opens up onto the gardens and the sun. Spaciousness and a careful selection of materials have resulted in a pleasant environment to spend the day. Sustainable construction elements have also been integrated: environmentally friendly materials and low-energy consumption thanks to a high-quality but simple heating system that uses passive solar energy.

Client: Stichting IPSE, Nootdorp Project team: Eric Paardekooper Overman, Morach Delfos, Dennis Ponsen, Wim Jacobusse, Matthé Treijttel, Jan Oudega en Ben de Fretes Completion: 2003 Photography: Joost Brouwers Categorie: zorg