De Ronding, Tiel

The apartment building De Ronding, located at the Burgemeester Meslaan, is a residential home for senior citizens. A so-called sleep post, or care unit, in the residence provides adequate support; the urban development set-up provides a good relation with the adjacent residential area and enhances the landscaped grounds of the existing buildings of Stichting Zorgcentra Rivierenland (Foundation Care Centres Rivierenland).

Particular attention is given to the private domains and meeting areas. The entrance side for example has been designed as a wide covered leisure area with private terraces. Here people can meet in an informal atmosphere. The character of the 34 apartments aligns with the bowed structure of the building. The apartments are functionally divided into two halves, which shift in relation with each other; this results in a private terrace on the gallery side and an open angle on the front side, which offers the occupants a fantastic view from the living-room. The serrated house fronts are repeated on a smaller scale in the form of moulded steel plates front coping, combined with level high glass facades. The horizontal concrete bands form a continuing line and give the building a harmonious appearance.

Client: Woningcorporatie SCW, Tiel Photography: Thea van den Heuvel/DAPh Categorie: wonen, zorg