Hietveld, Beekbergen

On the grounds of Het Hietveld, located in a woodsy area bordering the Veluwe, a new replacement building was constructed for people with a mild mental handicap and severe behavioural problems (abbreviated as SGLVG in Dutch). Three institutions with various types of residents are together developing residences with seventy-six housing units at this location. The current activities building will also be rebuilt and an office block renovated and given a new layout. The housing area consists of clusters, each with four studios and shared facilities. One cluster has been developed as a closed ward with a separation room for exceptional situations. A number of apartment blocks with a common meeting area have also been developed for clients who are able to live more independently. An important basic precondition of the design is the individualised setting of the residences surrounded by landscaping that guarantees views of the woods and hilly surroundings. The sense of spaciousness of the grounds is enhanced by removing low-growing hedges. The architecture is characteristic and contemporary. Austere but varied window openings combined with porous sintered stone create a welcoming and warm, homey feel.

Description: nieuwbouw zorgwoningen Client: Pluryn Categorie: wonen, zorg