HvA Benno Premselahuis, Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, on both sides of the street Wibautstraat, near Mauritskade canal, the Amstel campus is being developed for The Hogeschool van Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). Education plays the central role, but wide squares, well designed public areas, provisions for students, non-subsidized owner-occupant houses, underground parking places, shops and restaurants and cafés are part of this area.

The Benno Premsela building was formerly an office of the Board of Labour, and the Dutch Social Insurance Bank was housed here in the past. It is located directly adjacent to the demolished Wibauthuis and is the first building of the campus which is ready to be used by the HvA. In a separate part in the building a youth centre, which was formerly housed next to the building, has been accommodated.

Olll architects were involved as interior architects when the Bebbo Premsela building was renovated and in the design Olll architects have rehabilitated the existing body, while the new added functions, such as the reception, college room, restaurant etc., have been given character which clearly deviates from the existing surroundings. A contemporary form language was introduced, without spoiling the historical building. For the media related educational institutions MiM and IAM, Olll architects designed an environment which links up with the future working environments of the students, such as advertisement agencies, television studio’s, publishing houses etc., in order to reduce the contrast and to emphasize the professional attitude of this University of Applied Sciences.


Description: transformatie en inrichting gebouw t.b.v. hogeschool Client: Trimp & Van Tartwijk Photography: Roos Aldershoff Categorie: interieur, onderwijs, transformatie