City area Huizen

This is a multi-functional social complex in the centre of Huizen. Living, working, a library, cafés, a combined snooker and pool hall / bowling alley, a cinema and theatre complex and a dancing have been housed in one building next to the Town Hall. The functions have been combined in such a way that they compliment and amplify each other. The shape of the building is party inspired by the wish to enhance the cohesion of the area and to give emphasis to the centre of the municipality. The horizontally curved wall on the east and north side helps to bring order to the somewhat loose public space. The west side responds to the small scale of the historic town. The complex can be divided into 2 main volumes and has three programmatic zones. The living and work volume seems to continue under the roof of the culture and leisure centre and culminates in a Grand Café. The culture and leisure centre is seen as a spatially continuous container of activities, with a summit across from the bus station and next to the entrance of the Town Hall. The flowing curved shape organises the complex programme of activities and plays with the mayor differences in scale and function of the nearby surroundings.


Description: nieuwbouw multifunctioneel gebouw Client: G.G.L.F.Th. van Eijl Photography: Mick Palarczyk & Jan Bartelsman Categorie: leisure & winkelen, mixed use, werken, wonen