CiTG, Delft

The new main entrance, campus café, restaurant, terraces, areas for shops, business studios, exhibition rooms, college rooms and study places, will give the current faculty Civil Engineering & Geoscience a public and cross campus character, related to the central Mekelpark of the campus of the Delft University of Technology.

While respecting the characteristic building designed by Van den Broek en Bakema, the renovations and extensions will give the building a new face, and connect civil engineering literally and figuratively with geosciences. Features of both earth layers and civil engineering will characterize the new build complex and connect well with the many icons that the University of Technology pocesses.

An extensive roof surface from the new build area will function as a thermal roof, for the purpose of hot water provision. Large glass surfaces will provide ample entrance of daylight and generate energy by means of integrated photovoltaic cells. Technical applications – including the impressive truss of the new porch – will be visible, making the building itself part of the education.

Description: renovatie faculteit universiteit Client: TU Delft Vastgoed Categorie: onderwijs, transformatie