Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

The building is a monument dating to the 1920ies. The striking building has an amazing location, at the confluence of two canals, in the Amsterdam city district “De Baarsjes”. The combination of adult education with commercial functions allows for an optimal integration of schooling and work. Multiple rebuilds and the addition of a gym hall and canteen in the atrium have not been kind to this imposing example of Amsterdam School architecture. With strategic interventions in the building and the creation of a atrium with a carefully design glass dome a functional, transparent and accessible building is created. In close deliberation with the Amsterdam monument conservation commission the building has regained its former glory, and with its new function has become a prized addition to the city.


Description: Renovatie en inrichting gebouw t.b.v. volwassenonderwijs ROC Client: Ymere, Amsterdam Photography: Christiaan de Bruijne Categorie: mixed use, onderwijs, transformatie, werken