Faculty TBM TU Delft

Together with the people using the facilities, Olll architects have developed a new educational concept for a study area, educational rooms and meeting centre for the Technology, Policy and Management faculty of the Delft University of Technology TU Delft. One of the starting points was to create a representative area for meeting business relations. Flexibility in the educational/meeting rooms and the specific working compartments enable a dynamic use of the area, allowing both classical tutoring and working in small teams.

The large meeting room or ‘boardroom’, with its illuminated table and the future possibility for a sky-box type window with a view of the Mekelpark, form a presentable final piece of this floor. The light coloured cast house floor has an industrial character and continues into the study/meeting rooms. The core, where the technical rooms and lavatories are located, has been furnished with bamboo tatami mats. LED lighting and extensive audiovisual facilities create a high quality study and meeting centre, where the business world and students can meet and collaborate.

Description: inrichting faculteit universiteit Client: FMVG TU Delft Categorie: interieur, onderwijs