Waterland Leidschenveen

Leidschenveen is a large urban extension between The Hague and Zoetermeer. On the eastside of Leidschenveen, bordering the Green Heart of Holland, lies the location Waterland. For this spot IAA Architecten, the former office of Eric Paardekooper Overman, designed the outer most edge, consisting of 60 back-to-back houses, 12 drive-in apartments, 8 water houses and 24 apartments. The back-to-back houses all have a single-pitch roof creating an impressive façade on the street side. The four-story high drive-in houses have the bedrooms on the first floor above the garage, allowing a beautiful view over the Green Heart. The water houses have their living room on the first floor and also benefit from the spectacular views. These water houses lie two at the time on a pier in the water. The seven storied apartment complex functions as a height accent at the connection point of two directions in the open-field system. The design features maisonettes with a central corridor in order to have maximum profit of sunlight and view. A unity between the different volumes is created by using the same materials for all facades: a combination of rough, dark red bricks and natural wood.

Description: nieuwbouw appartementencomplex en grondgebonden woningen Client: Heijmans-Trebbe Vastgoed v.o.f. Leiderdorp Categorie: wonen