Eneco, Rotterdam

Traffic moves along the A20 motorway in Rotterdam continuously and at high speed. The new Eneco office building, with its quiet, serene and straightforward interior behind a glass façade, has been developed at this prominent location. The white exterior of the building continues in the interior. Anthracite and red accents against this serene white background draw attention to the common facilities and meeting places. A meandering red carpet connects the outdoor area with the reception, upstairs canteen and routes to the various departments. In the middle of this neutral, white working environment is a central zone with a cosy, warm ambiance that has been designated for common functions.

Each of the departments has been given its own unique yet subtle character by means of a panoramic wall-sized photo exhibition at various locations throughout the building. The concept designed by OIII architects for this new office building has been continued in a number of other Eneco buildings.

Description: inrichting kantoor Client: N.V. Eneco Photography: Christiaan de Bruijne Categorie: interieur, werken