Melanchthon Schiebroek, Rotterdam

Melanchthon-Schiebroek is a school consisting of three branches: a grammar school which includes Latin and Greek lessons (gymnasium), a grammar school that does not offer Latin and Greek (atheneum) and one for preparatory secondary vocational education (vmbo). The 200 pupils in the first classes of one of the branches have been relocated to the branch situated in Schiebroek on the corner of Melanchthonweg and Ringdijk. Dating back to the 1970s, the design of the existing school is beautiful and has been expanded to include classrooms with various facilities for the first-year pupils. There is also a separate auditorium for joint use and a room in the atrium where the older pupils can stay between lessons and after school. The addition, which is typified by its unique design, has assumed a special place in the school’s architecture, twisting and turning between the structures and gymnasium rooms. Creating a wholesome and pleasant indoor climate, as well as a design that would, within the available space, offer an ideal complement to the complex nestled in the green area. Thanks to a design team that represented all consultancy fields at once, an integrated design process was achieved that made it possible to optimise the price/quality ratio.

Description: uitbreiding school voor voortgezet onderwijs Client: CVO Rotterdam Photography: Rob t Hart, Rotterdam Categorie: onderwijs