Dental practice Cleen, Amsterdam

A monumental warehouse with adjourning houses, formally in use a glass and paint shop, has been transformed to a practice for endontology. The principal had envisioned a modern, innovative work environment with a direct relationship to the city centre of Amsterdam. Maintaining the industrial character the window openings at the backside have been extended to floor level, allowing daylight to penetrate into the heart of the practice. From the dental chair the client has a direct view of the canal. A broad corridor organises the different functions connects the three individual buildings. Spaces are divided with transparent glass wall, filtering the daylight and providing privacy for the clients. The furniture has a spacious layout and function as storage. They contribute to the interplay between open and closed. A polyester wall coating enhances the hygienic character and provides a surprising colour accent.

Description: verbouwing en inrichting tandartspraktijk Client: M. de Cleen Photography: Christiaan de Bruijne Categorie: interieur, transformatie, werken